Insurance Consulting

The bread and butter of any good benefit consultancy or agency is the ability to get the right plans for the customer. We have been doing this for almost 30 years and are expert at it.  We have a broad knowledge of the marketplace, from self-funded benefit plans to fully insured group plans to individual programs.  We are up to date on the latest in supplemental funding arrangements such as HRAs, Wrap plans, HSA, FSAs, and other funding arrangements that may make your benefit dollar go further.  We also are very adept at making your ancillary benefit add real value. Our services here are second to none.

Flexible HR consulting

With most of our Benefit customers, we offer a ben-admin system and limited HR consulting as part of our basic services.  However, we also expand to a full service arrangement including full HR outsourcing and payroll administration if needed, including workers compensation, retirement benefit plans and payroll processing, as well as on-boarding and off-boarding and integration with your accounting system.  Our programs are fully integrated, offer a host of voluntary benefit plans if desired, and will be tailored to your needs.

Other services

  • We partner with other vendors to provide a full line of HR / benefit related services, such as HR attorneys, Immigration and legal services, and Manager and Employee Training
  • We work with programs and services that are quality, industry leaders who are reasonably priced and have reputations for quality service.
  • Our agency will grow with you – we have the ability to keep up with you as your company becomes more successful.
  • We offer all of our clients an employee training platform where you can track and catalog employees progress with over 300 courses, including State mandated training.